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My contribution to svelte-seo just got merged into master!
Aug 17, 2017
Published an Open Source Project
After two weeks of research and trial and error, I made an open source guide to "Ricing Linux".

There is very little online on this topic, so I created the guide for newcomers.

You can find the repo here.
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Used Solidity
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Launched a new website
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Recently launched the MVP for ShibuiNFT. A fully open-source and on-chain NFT marketplace on the BOBA L2.
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Introducing Colombian Holidays 🇨🇴

I recently came across a project that showed if today was a holiday in Colombia.

The site was (in my humble opinion) missing a few features, and it wasn't open source, so I decided to build my own version of it, and that's how Colombian Holidays came to life.

It's also open sourced on GitHub.
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Designed website
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Introducing Worldwide Holidays

After building a website to know upcoming Colombian Holidays 🇨🇴, I thought it would be great to have a similar tool for other countries too.

And that's how Worldwide Holidays came to life.

It's open sourced on GitHub.
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Updated my personal website
Finally made my website open-source.

It's built using:
- Next.js
- TypeScript
- emotion styled components
- ContentLayer
- Notion API
- PlanetScale and Prisma